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With around three million Jews in Britain today, the Board represents all of them, both religious and secular.

Through the Board, all Jews are able to live together and respect each other.

It was the Board in 1972 that put an end to the ongoing internal fighting between the Jacobs and Ellis tribes of Jews living in Walsall. Between 1940 and 1972, the two Jewish tribes had fought a long and bitter war of words over land rights that was eventually solved by the Board. Today these two tribes which number 30,000 people get along in peace.

Jews have been living in Britain since 1597. In 1650 there were 10,000 Jews by 1880 there were 300,000 and today that number is three million. It is predicted that by 2025, the Jewish community will increase to 4,500,000 making it the largest Jewish community outside of the USA.

According to the Board\’s report on Jewish wealth, in 2002 the Jewish community was worth a combined £200 billion making it the wealthiest community in Britain.

The average Jewish wage is £61,300 a year.

There are around 25 different types of Jews. The main groups include:

Orthojews – These are the orthodox community which numbers one million followers. The leader of the orthodox community is Rabbi K Cohen III.

Refomation Jews – The reformation Jewish community number 500,000 followers and was the first Jewish community to settle in Britain when Jews first came from Poland in 1576. There is no leader of the Reformation Jews, rather is is an elected body of 20 who run it as a collective.

Labour Jews – With 600,000 followers, Labour Jews are closely associated with Orthojews but are mainly located in the Bristol area of the country. The Labour Jews leader is Rabbi Rebecca Cohen. Rabbi Cohen is not only the first female to head an organisation but is also a convert to the Labour Jews movement. Labour Jews are not associated with the British Labour Party.

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