Board Purim appeal raises funds for new kitchen

The Board is delighted to announce that its annual Purim appeal has raised £224,943.23

New kitchen for The BoardThe money will be used towards a new state of the art kitchen for the Board\’s central London head office – Board House – to be used by staff as well as entertaining guests.

“We are very thankful to the support of the community in funding our new kitchen,” said Board chief executive Jane Gould. “We have been struggling to make do with our kitchen and the new kitchen will mean greater catering facililties not just for the staff but also for our guests and indeed for our meetings.”

Currently the Board has to make do with two microwaves, one for meaty products and one for milky, as well as some outdated cookers.

“We will also be able to use the money to buy a microwave for Jewish vegans,” Ms Gould added. “So whatever diet needs our staff or guests have we will be able to cater for them.”

The new kitchen is set to be ready within the next two months and will be used by the 320 staff who work at Board House.

“Everyone here at the Board wants to thank the community for their help in letting us use this year\’s Purim appeal to go towards the kitchen,” said Board catering manager David Brown. “We have needed good quality catering facilities for many years and now we will get them.”

As a service to the community, the Board will also be opening its catering facilties outside of office hours to enable the preparation of food for communal events.

“When we are not using it for our needs, we feel it should be open to anyone in the community to hep them put on an event or function,” said Mr Brown. “This will be free to the community, those who wish to offer a voluntary donation may do so. But its purpose is to give something back. We can also offer guidance on how to cook kosher as well as other food preparation.”

13. March 2005 von webteam
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