Board urges McDonalds to apologise and withdraw bagel

The Board is concerned by recent images used by McDonalds which show a bagel being used in connection with pig related products.

Bacon Bagel“The bagel is universally accepted as being associated with the Jewish community, whether in London, New York or indeed even Paris. The taking of such a Jewish symbol and sticking some slices of bacon in between it with cheese is nothing short of desecration of something important to the Jewish community,” said Board director of communal services Jacob Bloom. “We are concered that people will now associate unkosher products such as bacon with Jewish themes. That is not acceptable and we are urging McDonalds to withdraw the bacon bagel.”

The Board will also be writing to Prime Minister Tony Blair and Conservative Leader Michael Howard so that an early day motion can be tabled at the House of Commons in which this issue can be discussed.

“While, the Board appreciates that people may consume a bagel in any way they like, the overt use of bacon in the advertising and promotion of this product by McDonalds is deemed to be insulting and demeaning to the British Jewish community,” added Board president Harry Greenberg. “We trust McDonalds can appreciate the distress it is causing the community who have to view an image of bacon being used inside a bagel.”

02. March 2005 von webteam
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