British Jews to get Jewish water

After much consultation with the Jewish community, the Board has decided to launch a range of specially blessed Jewish water.

Shalom waterThe Board water to be called Shalom is the culmination of several years research into the therapeutic properties of blessed water. Both sparkling as well as still will be available immediately with special flavours such as lemon, orange and smoked salmon being launched at the end of February.

The water comes from a special spring discovered at the Stamstead home of Jewish communal elder Albert Stein.

The blessings are provided by a unity of Rabbis who meet once a month to pray over the water. This includes, the Reformation movement, Orthojews and Labour Jews.

Having seen the success of the “Kabbalah” water, the Board recommends all Jews in Britain to purchase its water.

“Not only is our water better than Kabbalah water, but it is also much cheaper,” said Board water consultant Barry Lewis. “At 80 pence for a litre for both sparkling and still, it is a very competitive product in the market.”

The new product which is supervised by the Middlesex Beth Din is approved by Rabbis across the Jewish spectrum.

“I think it is a great idea,” said Chief Rabbi Dr Jonathan Sacks. “The Shalom water will provide much needed funds for the Jewish community in Britain to share.”

Rabbi Gloria Baum commented: “Having sampled the delights of smoked salmon water, it really is the real thing. Forget Evian, this is the best water.”

Shalom water can be found at most supermarkets including Tesco, Asda and Waitrose.

16. January 2005 von webteam
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