Harry writes to the Board to say sorry

The Board has had assurances from Prince Harry that his recent appearance dressed in a nazi uniform was in order to audition for a role in Mel Brooks\’ The Producers.

Prince HarryWriting to Board president Harry Greenberg, Prince Harry said:

“First of all let me apologise if anyone took any offence in what I was wearing to the party. My Uncle Edward told me that prior to doing an audition it is always a good idea to prepare for it.

What I should have done was prepare for it in private but my mate Charlie said it would be OK to go to a party and try out the role there.

I have always had a keen interest in acting and when I heard that Mel Brooks was looking for some extras for The Producers, Charlie said I should go for it.

I now know it was a stupid and silly thing to do. I also now know how dumb it is to listen to Charlie.”

Board president Harry Greenberg said:

“We accept Harry\’s apology and hope he has now learnt his lesson. Next time he dresses up, he knows that Nazi uniforms are a no no unless you are a supporter of the Nazi regime or you are using it for screen or stageplay purposes.”

13. January 2005 von webteam
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