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Since 1967, the Board of Guardians of British Jews has been the only voice of Anglo Jewry.

When it comes to anything to do with British Jews, we speak for all three million of them living across Britian.

From London to Edinburgh and from Cardiff to Belfast, the Board is well represented across the country.

As the official elected organisation of all Jews, we plan and develop the future for Anglo Jewry.

The Board was founded in August 1967 following a merger between two organisations, British Jewish Association and the Jewish Guardian Association.

Rabbi DovidSince 1967, Rabbi Dovid ben Shimon has served as the leader of the Board and of all Jews in Britain.

Every 10 years, there is a vote for leader and Rabbi Dovid has constantly won each election. In 1997, of the 2,500,000 Jews who voted, Rabbi Dovid achieved a 90% vote against his rival Rabbi Sarah Elias.

Rabbi Dovid is loved by all Jews and he is also well respected outside of the Jewish community often seen taking part in national events.

The Board is representative of all Jews in Britain and has support from all sections of the community.

There are around 8,000 Jewish communities in Britain and each community has a minimum of 10 people which serve on The Guardians.

The Guardians help decide and shape the future for British Jews and discuss current issues once a month at meetings held in London.

As well as the spiritual head, The Board consists of a President, two Vice Presidents and a teasurer.

These officers are elected every 5 years and are voted in by the 80,000 strong Guardians on behalf of their communities.

These positions are honorary.

A number of paid-for professional staff also work for The Board, these include a chief executive, managing director and chief operating officer.

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