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By Adam Jenkens, Primal Money

There are several stages in life and some are unfortunately not so pleasant. Unemployment for example is a phase in one’s life that seems to last a lifetime, even though it may be just a few months. This can be compounded if you have dependents or outstanding debts or monthly bills that cannot be ignored. However this needs not turn into a financial crisis as your burden can be eased tremendously by a quick and flexible loan that could act as a lifeline until you get back on your feet. Loans for unemployed in the UK might have been unheard of in the past but are readily available now to the relief of many.

Unemployment has one big disadvantage when applying for a loan and that is the lack of guarantors. It is much harder to convince someone to back you on a loan application as there is the fear of you defaulting on a loan if you are not earning. This only adds to the gloom but the unemployed in the UK can now get loans guarantor free and this goes a long way to helping out during the trying time. 

The difference between a week and a day to an unemployed individual can seem like an entire lifetime and that’s why there are several loan deals in the UK that are approved in less than two hours and the requested funds disbursed. What’s more is that there is the option of not having to be physically present for the application process since it can be carried out over your computer or phone provided you have internet connection. 

Your credit score should not worry you, at least not in regard to getting an Unemployed loan as this does not take precedence over your current situation. Loans for the unemployed in the UK are being granted for people with even the worst of credit scores for any purpose. CreditPoor provide bad credit loans to people in the UK online. 

News Bulletin

By John Smith posted March 20, 2018

Save financial expenditure today

A simple cut to our daily spending can help us saver thousands of pounds per year. By skipping one small routine step, you will be able to afford a luxury vacation, sports car or home improvement project before you know it. In order to succeed, you must first start identifying what spendings are creating a burning hole in your pocket - 

10 MARCH 2018

Luxury vacation through coupons

An exciting financial product offered through primary loan agencies is that of 'coupons'. These are a form of currency given to consumers who obtain such loans. These loans are aimed at individuals who suffer from poor credit, unemployment, rely of government benefits or have illness can benefit - 

10 MARCH 2018

FCA Authorizations

We encourage ALL to check the credentials of any company before conducting ANY form of financial business. There are several phoney agencies out there due to the accessibilty of the web, and being able to hide behind masks. Always ensure a website you are viewing is FCA approved. You can visit the FCA website to find out which - 

10 FEBRUARY 2018